Samsung is all set to introduce a new standard for fingerprint security by 2025

One might be concerned about the security of fingerprint-based biometrics and consider how the security could be enhanced. As of now, we have devices equipped with a small scanner that is capable of reading one fingerprint at a time. What if your entire OLED display becomes capable of scanning multiple fingerprints instantaneously? Well, you may consider such thought as some science fiction, but this is what Samsung is up to.

As per ISORG CEO, Samsung might be ready to deliver such technology for its OLED displays in just a few upcoming years. Samsung declared a few months back at IMID that it is working on the development of an All-in-One fingerprint sensing solution for the next-generation displays for instance the OLED 2.0. thus, enabling Galaxy smartphones and tablets to scan and read multiple fingerprints concurrently via their OLED displays.

Samsung Display mentioned that when three fingerprints are simultaneously used for authentication the security is enhanced by 2.5×10^9 (or 2,500,000,000) times. Besides these security benefits, the Samsung technology will work on the whole screen. Imminent Galaxy users will not be required to place their fingers on the correct spot in order to authenticate their identity. Given the OLED 2.0 and forthcoming All-in-One fingerprint scanning solution, the whole screen will work as a fingerprint scanner.

As of now, Samsung has not shared a word about when such technology will be available for its Galaxy devices. Where ISORG mentioned that their own OPD (Organic Photo Diode) multi-fingerprint scanning technology is prepared. As per ISORG Samsung might rely on using the same materials as well as processes given its All-in-One fingerprint scanner for OLED 2.0.

According to ISORG CEO, Samsung might release its multi-fingerprint scanning technology by 2025. The tech is expected to become the de-facto standard for security. Well, as of now, it is not clear whether Apple will work on such technology or not. Since the latest iPhone models have substituted fingerprint scanning with Face ID. Samsung might act as the pioneer by introducing multi-fingerprint scanning. It can take on the lead in the industry with such a move.