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Samsung is expanding its semiconductor manufacturing facility in the United States

According to some recent pieces of information, the South Korean tech giant Samsung is going to expand its investment in the US. Reportedly, the company is interested in building a facility that will dela with manufacturing and packaging advanced semiconductor chips. The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung has made the decision to boost its stake to an incredible $44 billion. That’s an additional $22 billion to what the business has already invested.

According to details, Samsung is interested in building a chip packaging plant, a semiconductor chip plant, and a chip research and development plant in Texas, USA. Samsung is already building its first chip plant in Taylor, Texas. Its construction began in 2021 however, it is not operational yet. However, it is anticipated that the production of crucial logic chips will begin later in 2024. The company’s current chip plant will be close to the new chip production and chip packaging location.

As part of the US CHIPS Act, Samsung Electronics will soon receive another $6 billion from the US government. This is in addition to the tax incentives the federal government has already provided to the South Korean company. Which process node or kind of chips will be produced in the company’s planned chip facility has not been disclosed.

The US prohibited exporting cutting-edge semiconductor chips as well as chip design and manufacturing technologies to be sold to Chinese companies like Huawei as US geopolitical relations with China worsened. Rather, it’s attempting to become less dependent on chip suppliers in China and is tempting the big semiconductor companies to build their chip manufacturing facilities in the US.

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