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Samsung Launched huge 110-inch Screen TVs With MicroLED Technology

110 inch LED TV

The Korean electronics giant Samsung has unveiled a new television that for the first time offers the use of MicroLED technology in a very large format. The device has an extremely large diagonal of 110 inches and is to be delivered from the beginning of 2021.

Samsung has been working intensively for some time on the further development of its MicroLED displays, in which inorganic materials ensure an extremely long service life for the self-illuminating pixels. In contrast to OLED panels, there is no need to worry about long-term use or so-called “burn-in”.

The advantage of the MicroLED technology is that the pixels emit the colors themselves and there is no need for the color filters and background lighting that are otherwise common on LCD-based televisions. Instead, all of the eight million pixels on Samsung’s new giant TV shine, even though they are only a few micrometers in size.

With its 110-inch diagonal (279.4 centimeters), the new screen offers a size that has not yet been achieved with MicroLED televisions. Samsung recently offered televisions with MicroLED technology with “The Wall”, but the size was limited so that higher diagonals could only be achieved by combining several panels.

Despite its enormous size – after all, the panel covers an area of ​​around 3.3 square meters – the new model should offer 100 percent color accuracy and get along with extremely narrow edges. Samsung states that, among other things, a MicroAI processor is on board and the TV has HDR support. In addition, there is an optimized audio system that enables different variants of spatial sound reproduction depending on requirements.

So that you can use the almost 2.8-meter diagonal display more flexibly, up to four devices can be connected via HDMI to enable their image reproduction in parallel. So the buyer of the giant screen from Samsung should be able to display a game console, a PC, and two TV sources at the same time. Samsung’s new MicroLED giant can now be pre-ordered in South Korea. The device will then be delivered to the first customers in early 2021. However, the price is then almost 89,000 euros.

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