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Samsung launches new environmentally friendly TV remote control: Powers from direct light and Wi-Fi signal

Samsung launches new environmentally friendly TV remote control: get power from direct light and Wi-Fi signal-Samsung Samsung-cnBeta.COM

It is reported that Samsung has eliminated battery substitutes from its environmentally friendly remote controls. Last year the company added a new solar panel, and now it is upgrading its 2022 product-it will be able to harvest energy from the radio waves in the home. The Samsung Eco Remote in 2022 can still be charged by placing it under direct light. In addition, it can also use radiofrequency energy from a WiFi router or other wireless sources.

RF energy harvesting sounds a bit like low-key magic, but it is actually a fairly mature technology. It relies on combining electromagnetic energy – like your WiFi router Or the electromagnetic energy generated by other equipment is converted into direct current electricity, and then small electronic products can be used. But here, the amount of discussion is relatively small, and this is actually the actual power demand of the remote control. SamsungAlthough it is not said that the remote control in 2022 can last for long when it uses radiofrequency energy alone, the combination of solar energy and radiofrequency collection should mean that the user reaches for the remote control and finds that it is out of power. Much. At the same time, there is an aesthetic change for the updated products in 2022.

Samsung will now provide a white version of the remote control and a black version of the remote control to better match some of its lifestyle television. In addition to D-pad, volume, voice control, and other shortcut keys, there are also dedicated start buttons for key on-demand services. Samsung TV Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.This is part of the waste reduction that Samsung and other companies are pushing, especially in Accessories And packaging. Nu Skin’s remote control uses a SuperCap instead of a battery, and all TVs in 2022 have reduced power consumption. In terms of packaging, recyclable materials are now more used. EPS pads, plastic straps, clips, holder bags, and box holders are now made of recycled cardboard and plastic and there are no nails to secure the box itself. This is not just good news for the environment. In addition, Samsung also said that by eliminating metal fasteners, it can now assemble a TV box in 1 second, compared to 5 seconds with the old system. If there are any shortcomings, it is that Samsung’s efforts to reduce waste and power consumption on the one hand may be offset by its efforts in NFT.

Today, NFT has become a fashion, and Samsung is also building an NFT aggregation platform in its 2022 TV. This will have an explorer and market aggregator so that users can browse the NFT artwork provided, read background information, purchase them, and then let the TV automatically adjust its settings to show their best condition. Unfortunately, there is still no real way to solve the electricity demand involved in NFT art, especially when it comes to mining cryptocurrencies that are commonly used for payment. CrytpoArt.wtf is a website that estimates the energy consumption involved in the sale of some high-profile NFT artworks. An analysis of 18,000 NFTs found that, on average, their carbon footprint is equivalent to that of a person living in the European Union for a month. energy used. Site creator Memo Akten pointed out that CrytpoArt.wtf was shut down after being used as a tool for abuse and harassment.