Samsung may invest a significant amount in Arm this year

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Arm is a semiconductor design company. It has been the topic of discussion for the previous year. It has been in the news for quite some time now. Previously, it was reported that the company was acquired by Nvidia. It was a deal that fell through in 2022. Later, the discussions and rumors suggested the company might be selling its shares to Nasdaq.

Some recent pieces of information suggest that Arm and Samsung Electronics might cross the path once again. Reportedly, Arm is in talks with several companies. Arm is currently trying to partner with one or more companies that will help it accelerate its IPO (initial public offering).

In accordance with the information provided by Reuters, the company aims to generate between $8 billion and $10 billion from the potential one or more investors before its IPO. Simply we can assume that the company intends to strengthen the value of its shares via an investor before making an appearance in the stock exchange market.

Samsung Electronics might invest in Arm

A new report from Reuters indicates that Arm is in talks with ten different companies at the moment. Some of the companies included in the list are Microsoft, TSMC, Intel, Apple, Samsung Electronics, and Alphabet. The discussions are in their early stages. As of now, no decision has been made. Some sources claim that the details about the potential investor won’t be unveiled until August.

What is an anchor investor?

It is a company/organization/institution that purchases a huge number of shares at a fixed rate before the IPO. It’s important to keep in mind that Arm doesn’t want to replace its board or cede power. The anchor investor can’t make changes to the company’s structure. It doesn’t have the authority to involve in matters like leadership or the board of directors. It is basically a stock exchange investment rather than a company acquisition.

In simple words, any company that comes forward as an anchor investor will hold a large number of Arm shares, but it will have no control over Arm as a company. However, the ownership of Softbank on Arm will remain unaffected. Last year in October, when Samsung’s Lee Jae-yong and Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son met. The meeting was carried out to explore a potential strategic partnership, it didn’t appear like an investment in Arm was on the agenda.

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