Samsung will present C-Lab endeavors at the biggest tech expo in Europe

VivaTech is known as the biggest tech event in Europe. Reportedly, the South Korean conglomerate declared that it would showcase its C-Lab projects at the tech event. Well, this is for the first time that Samsung would be featuring its innovative C-Lab initiatives at VivaTech 2023. The tech event is scheduled from June 14 to 17, 2023. It will be organized at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles exhibition and conference center.

Relumino Glass, a C-Lab Inside Project

It is a product that helps people with low vision. Basically, it is a visual aid solution. Back in 2016, it was adopted by C-Lab Inside Project. Since then it has undergone rigorous R&D by the company’s Research division. Earlier, the product has been showcased at MWC 2017 and CES 2018. As of now, Relumino Glass will make its global debut at VivaTech 2023. Samsung will demonstrate how Relumino Glass can offer improved technologies for increased comfort and reduced fatigue for persons with low eyesight.

At the event, startups from Samsung’s C-Lab Inside and C-Lab Outside projects will be displayed

In 2018, the tech company Samsung introduced the C-Lab Outside program. As per the latest information, several startups enrolled in this category will be showcased at the etch event. They will be given dedicated workspaces as well as skilled oversight and direction from the Samsung team, the digital marketing team, and others.

Samsung will create a display area in the “K-Startup Hall.” The company will showcase four businesses from C-Lab Outside along with one idea from C-Lab Inside. The one project from C-Lab Inside is reportedly an internal venture program for staff members.

What is the C-Lab Outside program?

It is basically a startup accelerator program. The potential startups are provided with different opportunities like a partnership with Samsung as well as their participation in several IT exhibitions and events like CES, KES (Korea Electronics Show), and VivaTech.

Samsung has initiated the C-Lab Outside program on a large scale. According to reports, the company will authorize workspaces for projects from Seoul, as well as the ones from Daegu and Gwangju. In this way, they will benefit from exposure and gain experience to grow and expand in the international market. Samsung has selected various companies for the C-Lab Outside program. These include the NdotLight, Vsion, QuantumCat, and CLIKA.

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