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Samsung Mulling To Resume In Russia

Not only the governments but also the big companies like Samsung, Apple, and some others announced the suspension of their services in Russia not long ago during the first invasion of Ukraine. Russian forces against the will of the west invaded Ukraine and started the war, in protest Samsung also did the same, Samsung stopped shipments of its products to Russia.

Samsung at that time held roughly 34% of the market share in Russia which is huge in terms of competition and revenues and leaving that market unattended for a long time may create more problems for Samsung. Therefore, without getting the war to an end, Samsung is now seriously thinking about returning to the Russian market and resuming its operations that were suspended roughly 6 months ago.

Reuters has cited various sources including the company and a Russian newspaper Izvestia which claims that Samsung is serious about resuming its operations in Russia, however, Samsung has not commented on the news yet. Samsung might have been planning to work around the various sanctions imposed on the country.

Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, and some others pulled out from Russia due to the war with Ukraine but this is getting expensive for these giants now, they have left the Chinese companies like Xiaomi, and Huawei alone in the market so far which is not a wise decision at all as far as the business is concerned.

If Samsung resumes its operations in Russia successfully, the other tech giants may also revisit their current exit from the country. The company may also get criticism from fans around the world and especially in the west due to its decision to resume its operations in Russia But, a cup of tea is a cup of tea and business is business.

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