Samsung opens a Digital Service Center in India

The South Korean tech firm Samsung has inaugurated its Digital Service Center in India. Users of Samsung products can get all of their after-sales care needs met here. All Samsung users can take advantage of the personalized customer support it provides. Users can access the service by logging into the website via their Samsung account. Logging through a Samsung account will help them find registered devices.

Users will be given access to various services. one of the notable services offered is the self-help content or in other words DIY (Do It Yourself). The material is available in the form of videos. Users can troubleshoot their device problems. Moreover, the website includes the relevant details of the spare parts of smartphones and other devices.

Interestingly, the self-help material will help users to acquire knowledge about the use of particular features of Samsung products. Furthermore, users can book their appointments via the Digital Service Center. They can search for nearby service centers, use pick-up and drop-off options, or schedule callback requests. For some problems, Samsung also provides virtual and remote support.

In addition to this, the details and warranty of registered products can also be checked via the service website. Users can keep track of their repair requests. They can get information about the service costs. Users can get access to Digital Service Center via the Samsung India website or the respective website of the service store.

VP of Customer Service at Samsung India, Mr. Sunil Cutinha, stated, “At Samsung, we have always believed in meeting the changing needs of consumers. The Digital Service Centre is a step in the direction of streamlining after-sale services and giving our customers individualized support. We are aware that in order for customers to be completely empowered, they must be given simple access to a digital ecosystem. Customers may easily navigate the platform and get DIY tutorials for particular products, which makes it easier for them to find answers to their questions.

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