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Samsung or LG who will be the supplier for Apple’s microLED smartwatch display


The new year has come up with new challenges and changes. A few days ago, a piece of news regarding Apple Watches was circulating on the internet. It reported that Apple might switch to microLED for its wearables. Soon after that, we heard that Samsung is going to accelerate its tech for the microLED panel development. However, if we take into account the strategies of Apple then we will get to know that it relies both on LG as well as Samsung for the supply of panels. The recent development by Samsung suggested that Apple might turn towards Samsung in the future for the acquisition of MicroLED panels. Now, some recent reports are putting the LG Display into play as well.

According to some sources from the industry, LG Display is already done with the operations phase. Since it has started the production of backplanes of MicroLED panels in low quantities. It is anticipated that the production might kick off by H2 2024. Given this piece of information, we can then expect an Apple Watch with a microLED display to be on the market by somewhere 2025.

The recent developments by LG suggest that Samsung is late in the game. Since the MicroLED panels by LG would be ready as early as next year. So we can expect the tech giant Samsung to utilize the panels in its own series of Galaxy watches before supplying them to Apple.

Besides this, Apple is a company known for diversifying its supply chains. So, we can expect it might end with a deal with both i.e., Samsung and LG. Given this information, we ac expect an Apple smartwatch with a MicroLED display in 2025.

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