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Samsung ought to integrate Google Photos with its Gallery application

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Duplicate apps on Samsung tablets and phones are a common source of complaints. In case you were unaware, Samsung and Google both provide apps for the same functions on Galaxy handsets. But, in general, Samsung’s models have more features.

For instance, Samsung’s web browser offers more personalization options and operates more smoothly than Google Chrome. Similar to Google Calendar and Google Pay/Google Wallet, Samsung Wallet and Calendar offer an even greater feature set.

For Android devices, Google Photos integration in Gallery apps ought to be a given

Additionally, Samsung’s Gallery app is far more useful than Google Photos. But we believe it is lacking a vital function that every Android device ought to have. Integration with Google Photos is that feature. Samsung’s Gallery app can sync photos and videos with Microsoft OneDrive, but considering how closely Google services are interwoven with Android, we believe Google Photos integration is more significant.

According to recent reports, the stock Gallery apps on OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, and Xiaomi now support Google Photos. The Stock Photos app on Android 14 phones from OnePlus, OPPO, and Realme can sync modifications to Google Photos, display previously backed-up photographs and videos, and back up images and videos from the phone to Google Photos.

Google Photos backup compatibility has been available for Xiaomi’s stock Gallery app since 2022. It didn’t work both ways at first, but that changed a few weeks ago with the release of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. The Chinese OEM then said that two-way connectivity will be coming soon with an update to its Gallery app, which appears to have just gone live.

Given that Samsung sells a lot more Android phones and tablets outside of China than its Chinese competitors, the Gallery app needs this kind of close integration. Furthermore, there’s no reason why Samsung shouldn’t include Google Photos integration options in the Gallery app, given that the company’s My Files file manager app currently integrates with OneDrive and Google Drive.

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