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Samsung plans to ditch DDR3 memory production

Samsung apparently wants to stop producing memory based on the DDR3 standard very soon. The Korean electronics giant and semiconductor giant would probably prefer to use the production capacity that this frees up for camera sensors.

Such as the Taiwan branch service DigiTimes reports that Samsung is preparing to phase out the production of DDR3 RAM. The publication refers to information from industry circles but does not provide specific information about the origin of the information.

Samsung will stop DDR3 at the end of 2023

Samsung is said to have recently informed its module partners and the manufacturers of notebooks, tablets, and other mobile devices that the company will not accept new orders for DDR3 chips until the end of 2022. New orders will not have to be processed and delivered until the end of 2023. Samsung stopped producing DDR2 RAM at the end of 2021.

In the case of DDR3, Samsung will initially stop the production of memory chips with capacities of 1, 2, and 4 GB. The production facilities thus freed up should instead be used to produce CMOS-based camera sensors for all kinds of mobile devices. The other major RAM manufacturers are also gradually saying goodbye to DDR3. SK Hynix also plans to phase out DDR3 production, although there is no timetable information in this case.

On the other hand, US manufacturer Micron has no such plans yet, although the company is unlikely to plan further investments in its small DRAM chip business. Smaller DDR3 memory makers could temporarily benefit from Samsung’s exit as they are expected to receive more orders soon. Currently, the demand for the older main memory is still strong, although the shrinking total capacity due to Samsung’s departure is likely to lead to a shortage and thus to rising prices. At the same time, DDR4 memory prices are falling, making an upgrade more interesting for both device manufacturers and end-users.