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Microsoft plans family subscription for up to five players in Game Pass

According to new reports, Microsoft will expand its Xbox Game Pass for flat-rate gaming later this year with a family plan for up to five people. Until now, each player needed their own subscription, which, depending on the subscription chosen, costs at least 10 euros per month. With over 25 million subscribers, Xbox Game Pass is one of the most popular gaming services in the world.

The flat rate for games offers a selection of more than 100 games and Ultimate services such as Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, and access to cloud gaming on smartphones and Co. The subscription is no longer only available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S since sometimes PC gamers can also take out the subscription, now known as PC Game Pass.

Rumors about a family subscription raise many questions

Like colleagues from Windows Central according to internal sources at Microsoft, the Redmond players should fulfill their wish for a family subscription this year. Besides a price advantage over five individual memberships, there are many unanswered questions. Only the separation of Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass can cause problems. It is quite unlikely that the fixed price of games for an entire family will be limited to just one platform.

Only the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is slightly more expensive at 12.99 euros per month, currently combines the PC and console libraries in one subscription. A general merger would be conceivable, but with the recent introduction of the PC Game Pass brand, that seems rather impossible. A family offer for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate including Live Gold, EA Play, xCloud, and Co. for a price of, for example, 49.99 euros per month is, in our opinion, more likely than the costs for five separate licenses of 64.95 euros. An official confirmation from Microsoft remains to be seen.

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