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Samsung plans to employ the Exynos 2500 in the Galaxy Book and S25 series


According to details, the tech giant Samsung will offer its next-gen Exynos processor in two different versions. Both variants will feature different cores. We are talking about the upcoming Exynos 2500 that is expected to arrive in 8-core and 10-core versions. Both versions are expected to be sued in different gadgets.

For its Galaxy S23 series, the company relied on Snapdragon chips instead of the Exynos chipsets. The Galaxy S24 series, on the other hand, are available in both Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipsets. In 2025, the company will debut a new Exynos chipset.

According to some recent reports, the company will keep the 8-core variant of the Exynos chip for the smartphones whereas the 10-core variant will be used in devices like the Galaxy Book and the Galaxy Tab. In addition to this, the report claims that the Exynos 2500 will feature a 4+4 core architecture. This core architecture is similar to the one offered with the Dimensity 9300 chipset.

For the next-generation Galaxy Book, the company will use Snapdragon X Elite processor. From this aspect, the use of Exynos 2500 for the Galaxy Book is not a big thing. Additionally, it appears from sources that the Exynos 2500 will use NPU chips, which will provide sophisticated AI capabilities. In addition, it’s claimed to add a new part called “TPU” to the already-existing G-NPU and S-NPU.