Samsung Releases Galaxy Note 10 Video Teaser Ahead of Launch

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Earlier we confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch event is going to take place on August 7, now the official Galaxy Note 10 video teaser tells us the same story. Samsung will hold an unpack event on August 7 in which Samsung will come up with its new flagship the Note series.

In the video teaser, Samsung hints about the product and its major selling points, the theme of the video tells us that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will make users to use one device just like all-in-one instead of using multiple devices. The Galaxy Note 10 can replace the laptop when you are on the go.

The video also focuses on work, meeting deadlines; edit the work while you are out of the office using the device, the office environment makes it more attractive to the working class. The video also focuses on stylus pen and camera. These are the major selling points for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 so far that are known, the rest would be unveiled on August 7, it would be the largest Galaxy Note Screen ever, the rest of the rumored specifications are still being leaked.