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Apple App Store Blamed For Fake Software in China

According to the Voice of China, the Apple App store is ridden with the fake apps on the front page of the Apple store and the company seems to be doing nothing about it.

Today, Voice of China has released a message on social media app Weibo, which says the fake software rely on unethical tactics to occupy the front page of App Store and Apple is doing nothing about it.

Apple receives the largest App take down requests from China

Further details mentioned Netizen Xiao Zhang who bought software from Apple App Store named “Korean TV TV Daquan” the software is not working at all if you search the app name it appears on the first page. Zhang also said that he crossed checked the app Korean TV TV Daquan and it has not been updated for the last two years. According to the reporter Voice of China, the Apple Store has many fake software like this one and these applications rank on the first page of Apple Store. Apple Store seems helpless in sorting out this falsely ranking software.

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