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Samsung shed details on its future strategies at CES 2023

The consumer Electronics Show CES 2023 is in full swing. Various tech companies have come up with exciting and amazing products. In addition to this, various tech giants have shown their commitment to creating a sustainable environment for the future. In this perspective, Samsung and some of its collaborators emphasized talks and discussions on their future endeavors. They mentioned their efforts for introducing a calm environment given the connected device experience.

The tech firm highlighted its efforts for creating a sustainable environment. Since the company is aimed at utilizing sustainable materials for its devices. In this way, the firm can produce innovative as well as environment-friendly products and designs.

All these efforts by Samsung are part of achieving a goal. It is aiming to accomplish net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Given this perspective, the tech firm intends to swap the existing strategies with renewable energy sources, particularly in regard to its electricity requirements.

During the press conference at CES 2023, the South Korean company mentioned how its products are utilizing recycled materials be it a smartphone, smart TV, washing machine, or other home appliances. All these efforts by Samsung can be attributed to SmartThings Energy and AI Energy Modes. The connected home experience by Samsung has won the prestigious ENERGY STAR SHEMS Certification through its collaboration with SmartThings. Reportedly, it is the first and foremost mass-market Smart Home Energy Management System to earn certification.

Furthermore, the tech company explained its working strategies to its collaborators. It detailed how it is focusing on the development of interoperable devices. Such strategies will enable the users to connect devices from different brands. The point was strengthened by an example. Samsung showed the pairing of Samsung TVs with Philips Hue lighting.

In addition to this, Samsung unveiled its next-gen products. These products are based on the latest AI tech. the company unveiled the JetBot AI+ and Relumino Mode. The Relumino Mode is specifically targeted at the visually impaired.

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