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Samsung Shuts Smartphone Development Center Due To COVID

Even the big electronics companies are not immune to the new coronavirus, especially when it comes to their own employees. At Samsung, an infection has now led to the closure of one of the Group’s largest development centers.

In contrast to many other countries, South Korea effectively fought the novel coronavirus much earlier and has therefore only recorded a comparatively low number of cases and, above all, deaths, but if you look at the statistics from Johns Hopkins University, Korea is now in the middle in the “third wave”.

Coronavirus temporarily paralyzes one of the smartphone development centers

In order to continue to rigorously combat the spread of the virus, large corporations such as Samsung are also repeatedly taking strict measures. This is also the reason why the company has now closed its development center in Suwon City. The location is part of the huge Samsung Digital City, which forms the company’s headquarters with various office towers and over 35,000 employees.

According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap Samsung closed one of the research laboratories for mobile devices after one of the employees there tested positive for Covid-19. The group asked all employees who work in the office tower to work from home. The affected floor of the house was also closed and is now being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Samsung had previously reported infections at other locations, including development centers in Seoul and plants in various provinces of South Korea. In these cases, too, the company always responded by temporarily closing the sites while cleaning was taking place.

Samsung’s competitor LG was recently infected with the new coronavirus. LG then closed a development center in the south of the metropolis of Seoul. In South Korea, the virus is currently on the rise again, with the number of infections recently reaching the highest level since August, after 313 new cases were recently reported.