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Samsung Smartphones 📱 Get Display Problem 🔍 With Green Line

Samsung Green line

Samsung Green line

Recently, reports have been circulating about a Galaxy update that will result in a green vertical line on the display. The screen error is a phenomenon that affects OLED panels from various manufacturers. Samsung (India) offers a free exchange.

Green line vertically across the display

In April, many owners of a Galaxy A73, Galaxy M21, Galaxy M52 5G, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22 (or the respective variants), and Galaxy Z Flip 3 had a rather unpleasant surprise after installing the latest security update for One UI experience, namely a green line that runs vertically across the entire display.

As mentioned at the beginning, this is not a Samsung-exclusive problem and also occurs in a similar form with the Korean manufacturer’s competitors, as it is generally related to OLED. The even worse news: The “green line of death” cannot be eliminated with a software update, but only by replacing the display.

In this specific case, however, the error or damage occurs in smartphones, some of which have been around for several years. The Galaxy S20 was already introduced in spring 2020, so there is usually no guarantee or warranty here.

In some places, owners of affected devices are lucky because, as Android Authority reports, Samsung has started a special program to replace affected devices. For now, this only affects India, but it is to be hoped that this example will set a precedent and be extended to other countries.

Although Samsung India’s offer goes beyond a warranty as required in Europe, this special service is not unlimited either. Only smartphones from the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy S22 series can be replaced; the devices must have been purchased in the last three years.

After all, the offer is not unlimited; those affected must contact Samsung by April 30, 2024, and the display can only be replaced once. As mentioned, it is currently unknown whether the Korean manufacturer plans to expand this service to other countries, but we will update the article if there is anything new.

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