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Samsung Starts The Development Of New Galaxy F Phone

Galaxy F Phone

Samsung’s F Series had been in the rumor mill since the beginning of the year 2020, people also believed that the F series as the name suggests represents some foldable series. This was because the model numbers for Samsung’s foldable phones mainly start with the letter “F” but they’re actually a part of the “Z” series.

Later as the rumor mill span, we came to know that the first model which is coming in this series is Galaxy F41. This device was actually a rebranded version of Galaxy M31 with some features removed. Samsung is now reportedly working on another Galaxy F device and we can expect to see the new F series model in the coming days.

Samsung Started Working On New Galaxy F Device

We hear that a new Galaxy F device is now being developed. Details are extremely limited at this time but we do know that it carries model number SM-F127G. Samsung will likely be calling this the Galaxy F12s based on its naming habits. This is a new series, though, so who knows, it may just launch as the Galaxy F12.

It’s safe to assume that this is going to be an entry-level device. Samsung’s devices get progressively better as the numbers go up, for example, a Galaxy A10e is far less capable than the Galaxy A51. That’s what we can expect for the Galaxy F series as well. It is still unclear that Samsung would launch a brand new device under this name or it would be another rebranded phone just like the previously reported Galaxy F41.

Samsung is more likely to launch the device for the Asian market which would be a rebranded cost-effective device for the market. We do not have further information about specifications, price, and availability as yet but we will keep you posted in the future.