Samsung submits multiple US patents for robotics

Back at CES 2020, the South Korean conglomerate unveiled multiple assistance robots during its keynote event. Notably, the company featured the concept of the GEMS Exoskeleton and the pet walking assistant. It is been three years now and the company has not launched these robots in the market. However, it now appears like the company is approaching the launch of its assistant robots.

According to some fresh pieces of information, the company has submitted several patents related to robotics in the US. The news was sourced out by PulseNews. One of the patents filed by the company includes a tech that can keep track of movement as well as emotions of the pets. It is round in shape with two wheels. It has the capacity to move with pets and monitor them in real-time. It uses cameras and microphones to detect objects or stuff in the surrounding. It can even respond to ambient sounds.

In addition to this, the South Korean tech firm has submitted a patent for an assistance robot. It is a wearable robot meaning that humans can wear it. According to reports, the walking assistance robot is a part of BotFit. BotFit is one of the company’s businesses that deals in healthcare robots. Elderly folks and others with restricted mobility can benefit from it. It may facilitate mobility along pre-planned paths. Due to the ISO 13849 certification, it functions safely and without a hitch even in the event of a communication error. The company might launch it later this year.

Furthermore, Samsung is also working on a robot finger and a spray robot. Robot finger has two fingers that can help with household chores. It consists of built-in sensors that help with grabbing and holding objects. On the other hand, the spray robot works by spraying disinfectants in public places affected by transmittable diseases.

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