An APK breakdown reveals that Samsung may be considering ChatGPT support for its own browser

Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets come with pre-installed Samsung Internet Browser. For quite some time now, the South Korean conglomerate is working out to introduce AI to its smartphones. Earlier this year, some reports indicated that Samsung could switch to Microsoft Bing as the default browser on its devices. This news panicked the tech giant Google. However, the company abandoned this thought and carried on with Google Search. However, the current pieces of information suggest that the company is still trying to introduce AI to its consumers.

Recently, pieces of evidence indicating that the company might incorporate ChatGPT into its browser app were uncovered. An APK teardown of the app highlights the features that could arrive in the near future. The information is based on a work-in-progress code. Do note that there is still the possibility that the features indicated in the code might not make their public appearance. The code was identified in the v22.0.0.54 version of the Samsung Internet Browser.

As per the available information, it can be expected that the company could test this feature as part of the experimental Labs feature. Without having to visit the ChatGPT website, users may find it simple to conduct queries on ChatGPT using the browser. It includes the ChatGPT settings placeholder and the ChatGPT model placeholder.

Currently, there are no further details and features that could be fetched from the app. The question here is that will it provide a different experience from the one provided by visiting ChatGPT through the browser. We hypothesize that users would utilize ChatGPT to summarize already-existing web pages, which could serve as a useful browser highlight feature.

Currently, the ChatGPT integration feature is not available for the Samsung Internet Browser app. Although there are third-party browser plugins that provide access and functionality to ChatGPT, they cannot be compared to a first-party integration.

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