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Samsung Teams Up With Marvell To Develop New SoC For 5G Networks

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Samsung is working with Marvell in order to bring in new innovation to the 5G networks, the Korean giant has just announced the new SoC that could miraculously improve the power efficiency and stability of the next generation radio networks. According to the details provided by the report, the new SoC will play a critical role in the company’s MIMO and other advanced radio equipment to greatly improve the 5G network performance. Marvell which is based in Bermuda develops semiconductors and become a helping hand for Samsung to develop this innovative SoC.

According to Samsung, the new task will improve the performance of cellular radios by integrating new technologies with them. The chip greatly increases the capacity and the network coverage of the next-gen radio. Meanwhile the power consumption and size by compressing much of algorithms and functionality into a single chip solution.

Samsung said that, the new chip relaxes power consumption by up to 70% as compared to previously built solutions. The details are not out yet how this chip handles frequencies and other technical data however, It also supports both 5G and 4G networks at the same time.

“Samsung and Marvell are currently leading mobile operators to deploy their 5G coverage with more speed and efficiency, both the companies will maintain the lead role after this development. This latest partnership will ensure to achieve what is possible through SoC technology, giving telecom operators and other similar providers a distinct 5G advantage through optimized performance and power savings in network building,” said Daniel Newman, Founding Partner at Futurum Research.

Samsung and Marvell collaborating to improve 5G networks deployment

Marvell and Samsung have teamed up previously too, particularly in developing new and advanced 5G networks. During March last year, the two companies had collaborated to offer cost-effective 5G network infrastructure solutions to the operators. This time’s collaborating will also ensure the desired results in improving the performance of next-generation cellular radios, and bring technological advancements to 5G networks.

“Samsung has a priority to develop high-impact 5G solutions that offer a competitive advantage to our operators. We look forward to introducing this latest solution to the market shortly,” said Junehee Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Networks Business at Samsung.

Marvell is also working on its position in the 5G silicon industry. The semiconductor manufacturer last month took a deal to supply baseband processor silicon to Japanese IT giant Fujitsu. Raj Singh, Executive Vice President of the company’s Processors Business Group said they are “honoured to work with Samsung for the next generation Massive MIMO radios”. He reiterated that the new chipset “significantly raise the bar in terms of capacity, performance, and power efficiency.”

Samsung has not yet disclosed the exact launch date for the new network SoC. But, the company said the chipset is being readied for market introduction to Tier One operators in the second quarter of this year.

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