Samsung TV will lose the support for the Steam Link app next month

We have some bad news for Samsung TV users. The Steam Link app won’t be available on Samsung TVs from next month onwards. It will officially close down on November 30. Steam Link is an app that enables users to connect to Steam accounts on a PC. The app opens if Steam is open and running on a PC. In this way, users can stream games from a different screen in a different setting.

Well, there are some other options for Samsung TV users, like GeForce Now. GeForce Now has a dedicated app for Samsung TVs that can be accessed from the Samsung Gaming Hub. However, it can’t be connected to a PC for remote access, but it gets connected to the user’s Steam account, which allows them to play the same games. Naturally, the drawback is that your entire library will be unavailable. Since not all Steam games are GeForce NOW compatible, there’s still one method of playing those games.

Samsung maintained the Steam Link app for Samsung TVs

The Valve shared in a community post that Samsung introduced the Steam Link app to its TVs. Samsung was the developer and manager of the app. The company has ended support after the availability of the Gaming Hub. In essence, Samsung made the decision to use Gaming Hub to facilitate cloud gaming instead.

There is a way to continue using Steam Link on your Samsung TV if that is your preference. After November 30, you won’t be able to utilize a native app on the TV. Nonetheless, the Android app is functional. For example, you can use Google TV to access the app if you manage to get your hands on a Chromecast. Apple TV users can still access Steam Link.

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