The Galaxy S24 is supposed to be the smartest AI phone ever made by Samsung

In an effort to improve the AI performance of the Exynos 2400 chips, the South Korean tech giant Samsung redesigned the chip’s NPU architecture. Notably, the tech giant improved the support for non-linear operations and removed the memory blockages, providing a 14.7-fold improvement in AI performance as compared to previous solutions. Now some rumors indicate that Samsung intends to introduce the Galaxy S24 flagships as the smartest AI phones.

According to sources, the South Korean firm is aiming to outperform the Google Pixel 8 series with its upcoming Galaxy S24 series. Although there are fewer details, the company will take advantage of the Exynos 2400’s improved NPU architecture and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 that is rumored to be introduced to the Ultra model globally.

A new report suggests that the company will debut ChatGPT and Google Bard-like generative AI capabilities on the Galaxy S24 series. Users can utilize these features and write articles and stories with the help of keywords. There is no information on whether these features will be introduced in the form of a stock app or come by default on the device that will be compatible with the Samsung Keyboard.

In addition to this, tech giant Samsung is also working on its own generation of AI tools. The company showed off a text-to-image AI generation tool during the Exynos 2400 announcement. There could be some other features as well. According to the report, the features will be available both online and offline, which points towards on-device AI processing.

Samsung Bixby and the new Exynos 2400

Well, as we can understand, the company’s AI assistant, Bixby, will benefit from the AI improvements of the Exynos 2400. It is expected to become more efficient, just like Siri and Google Assistant. It should also have better speech-to-text capabilities and be able to have conversations that are more like those of a human. Improving Bixby’s proactive nature could enhance the assistant’s user experience.

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