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Samsung will recover from the financial crisis in H2 2023 via its DX Division

The economic downturns have affected businesses all over the world. The demand for electronics has been badly impacted due to the high inflation and interest rates. It is now expected that given the current situation, the tech company Samsung can face slow demand and supply for its consumer electronics in the first half of the following year. However, the tech firm anticipates that the second half of 2023 could provide multiple opportunities for growth.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the head of Samsung DX, Jong-Hee Han, stated that crises are capable of creating new opportunities. When everything around you is stable it is quite difficult to stir the market order. Furthermore, the Co-CEO deems that the current situation has offered the tech company with a chance to unite the ecosystem of its devices and present an immersed and connected experience for the consumers. In a similar perspective, in December 2021, DX was created by Samsung. DX merges the Visual Display (TV), Digital Appliances (home appliances), MX Business (Mobile eXperience), Health & Medical Equipment, and Samsung Networks divisions.

Before the tech firm laid the foundation of the DX Division, each department of the company worked independently. This step increased the internal competition. But on the other hand, it somewhat impacted the efforts of the tech firm for the production of seamless devices. But the internal disagreements and disputes among various divisions of the tech company held the business behind. Although this strategy of unifying the division worked quite well during the 2010s. however, in today’s time, analyst considers that the smartphone products by Samsung are not that impactful. Since the analyst believes Samsung could come up with something more in terms of specs and features.

The purpose of DX creation was to hold the customers with the brand. It was mainly targeted at designing products that offer a connected ecosystem. Mainly software and interconnectivity of devices were considered under this theme.

Now at CES 2023 event, we can witness the efforts of the DX division, the tech firm has put forward the idea of a connected home strategy. Additionally, the company plans to improve its software capacities as well as its services. Although the first half of 2023 appears difficult due to economic downturns. But given the new planning of the company, there are chances of growth by the second half of the year.

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