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Samsung wins two awards at the 2023 ENERGY STAR awards in the US

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy’s annual “2023 ENERGY STAR Awards” have given two honors to South Korean technology giant Samsung. For the tenth time, Samsung Electronics took home the top honor in the “Manufacturer Category.” For your information, Samsung earned its inaugural “Sustainable Excellence Award” in the domestic manufacturer category in 2013 and has continued to win it ever since, with the exception of 2017.

Around 20,000 companies and organizations awarded with Energy Star certification are evaluated by the US government. The evaluation is carried out to find out the activities and implementation of the Energy Star certificate. Followed by this evaluation, the companies are awarded in eight categories. The categories comprise manufacturing, energy management, and retail.

In the manufacturer category, the ‘Sustainable Excellence Award’ is the highest award. It is given to firms that show excellent performance in environmental protection and energy saving. Notably, South Korean conglomerate Samsung has been awarded by this ‘Sustainable Excellence Award’ twice or more. For this reason, the firm was acknowledged as the ‘Partner of the Year’.

Samsung aims to improve average power consumption by 30% by 2030

Samsung has introduced various energy-efficient products like dishwashers, air purifiers, and washing machines. In 2022, the company was awarded with Energy Star certification for 474 products. It is 24% times more in contrast to the last year. In addition to this, the SmartThings energy service by Samsung which permit real-time monitoring and management of energy consumption of devices also grabbed the Energy Star certification.

Besides this, Samsung Electronics grabbed the top prize in the ‘Energy Management Division’. The organization received this honor for its commendable efforts in enhancing building energy efficiency and lowering greenhouse gas emissions through company-wide power management initiatives.

It is reported that the South Korean tech company utilizes 100% renewable energy in its business sites across the United States. With these efforts, the company has slashed energy consumption by 4.7% in contrast to the last year. Furthermore, the company has increased the number of Energy Star-rated buildings to 12 in 2022. Whereas in 2021, it was six. By 2030, Samsung wants to further cut the average energy usage of seven key electronics goods by 30%, including Televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, PCs, and monitors.

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