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Samsung Withdraws Galaxy S20 Ultra Update Due To Numerous Bugs

Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the flagship among Samsung’s flagship models, it is the smartphone from the Korean manufacturer with the most impressive specifications. At least in theory. Because the device is not particularly well received.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is an impressive device on paper, but in practice, it is not so well received. This is due to various performance problems and high prices. Now there is also the software as a problem child because apparently Samsung has even made things worse with updates.

In itself, Samsung meant well because several updates were released within a very short period of time that addressed or should address the initial problems of the Galaxy S20 series. But as SamMobile reports, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a green tint. It also slowed down the quick load feature, not to mention a few minor bugs.

Only Galaxy S20 Ultra withdrawn

Samsung has now seen what has been done because the latest update has been withdrawn. Because the update with the number G988xXXU1ATCT is no longer available for download. It is not offered either via “over the air” functionality or via the Samsung software Smart Switch.

However, this only applies to the variant for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, because the expenses for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 + (both LTE and 5G variants) are still available online. The Korean manufacturer has not provided an explanation, so one can only speculate about the reasons why Samsung actually pulled the update out of circulation.

However, it is less likely that the green tinge will already be addressed. Because Samsung only announced two days ago that they were working on an update. When it comes out is not known.

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