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Samsung’s next foldable smartphone will be the first foldable with a titanium frame

Over the years, the South Korean conglomerate has upgraded its foldable series. Similar refinements and upgrades are expected to arrive with the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Some recent rumors suggest that just like the recently debuted Galaxy S24 Ultra the upcoming foldable might feature a titanium frame.

This information was shared by tipster Revegnus on X/Twitter.  The tipster shared that the Z Fold 6 comes with Titanium. Samsung’s next foldable smartphone would be the first in the world to include a titanium frame if this actually works out. A titanium frame offers a premium feel with smartphones. It features an improved strength-to-weight ratio and at the same time it is lightweight. Such a factor can be a game changer for foldables since weight of foldables is always a concerning factor. Furthermore, titanium’s strong resistance to dents and scratches may help the Z Fold 6 last much longer.

Besides the rumored titanium frame, it is rumored that the upcoming foldable will be powered with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. It is rumored to feature an improved cooling system, stronger Gorilla Glass protector, a big 4,600mAh battery, and a redesigned hinge for smoother operation. It will appear more like the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a boxy design.

Although Samsung has not said, there are several rumors that the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be released in the middle of July 2024. Furthermore, there are several reports regarding the debut of an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold 6. It is rumored that the company will debut the affordable foldable nearing the launch of Apple’s iPhone 16 series. There are very few details about this version of the foldable. Reportedly, it will feature a slim design and lack the support for stylus.

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