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Scammers Turned Fake Apple Event Stream Into Crypto Scam

Fake Apple Event

The crypto scene takes every opportunity to find new victims who can be ripped off. Yesterday, scammers managed to lure tens of thousands of YouTube users onto a fake stream of the Apple event.

Interest in the computer company’s marketing events is still relatively high – even if they have lost a good part of their former appeal. The interest in the new MacBooks with further developed ARM processors was probably still big enough for a fraudulent offer to be worthwhile. After all, the fraudsters were able to lure around 30,000 viewers to their fake stream, reports 9to5mac.

In the stream, a supposed exchange option for cryptocurrency units was permanently offered. Users should use Bitcoin units here and send it to a specific wallet and in return get Ethereum values ​​sent back directly via AirDrop. This does not make any technical sense and even if it were possible, it should have only been about keeping the transferred units.

The scam’s success is unknown

The fraudulent account made a very good impression. Even the appearance was reminiscent of an official YouTube channel of the company. And the description of the link to the stream in question contained sufficiently good keywords to attract the aforementioned high number of interested parties. But there wasn’t even a part of the Apple event to be seen here. Instead, other appearances by representatives of the group had been cut together.

Whether any of the visitors fell for the scam cannot be traced. However, such things are always about attracting a large number of users, since at least a small percentage then falls for the tricks. The channel in question has now completely disappeared from the platform, YouTube is likely to have become active here.

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