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Scientists Propose Making a 3D Map of the Entire World

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Earth is changing with every passing day. Forests are burning, glaciers melting as the evidence of our ancient cultures seems to be slipping away. Earth is changing and scientists believe we have less time to learn from our past and unveil its mysteries. Thus, two scientists have proposed that a 3D map of the entire world can be created in order to preserve a record of our planet.  

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A new nonprofit project named ‘The Earth Archive’ has now this mission to create the 3D map of the world. The project is headed by archaeologist Chris Fisher and geographer Steve Leisz.

Fisher said, “The climate crisis threatens to destroy our cultural and ecological patrimony within decades. How can we document everything before it’s too late?”

To answer this Fisher said light detection and ranging technique will be used. It is a method of remote scanning that makes use of aircraft to shower a landscape with a dense net of laser beams. From this researchers can develop high-resolution, 3D maps of a given area and edit out foliage digitally.

In the past decade, this technique has become prominent in the archaeological surveys. It has helped scientists to uncover lost cities in heavily forested areas of Africa, South America, lost roads in Ancient Roam, etc.

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