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Search Engine Baidu Faces Inquest For Testing Self driving Car On Public Roads

Chinese Search engine Baidu Faces Inquest as it was pursuing self-driving cars project fell into the probe after CEO took a bold step to test self-driving car on the public roads, Beijing Traffic police informed Reuters on Thursday.

The company has taken a leading role in developing driverless cars in China and got many companies on board for partnership including Nvidia, Ford, Daimler and Microsoft. Baidu is planning to launch such cars on the roads by 2020.

Baidu may not face court in this case from Chinese authorities because later police said, they were only investigating the cause whether they have broken any law while driving the car on public roads.

Beijing traffic police said, we support technology and innovation, but all should be conducted legally, which should be safer as well, however, Baidu declined to comment on the issue.

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China has been speeding up their initiatives to develop products that are technology advance and autonomous including self-driving cars in order to stress more on technology and gradually pull out from industrial economy.

China also urges to make significant improvement in climate, by reducing carbon emissions and pursuing technology oriented economy. China’s poised to shift from heavy industry to economy which is driven majorly by hi-tech and innovation.

Baidu CEO Robin Li, reportedly broadcasted live video chat with firms employees in AI department on Wednesday, Li was projected on a huge screen, sitting on a passenger seat, waving and talking to group members while moving on Beijing roads.

This whole event created debate online between people, some questioning Baidu’s authority to land on public roads for testing, some classed it as traffic violation other just argue in favor, if these cars cannot be tested on public roads then how come these cars can make the future.