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Government to start issuing customized number plates

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Government of Punjab has begun a procedure of choosing organizations to get ready customized (alphanumeric) and uncommon (vanity) number plates for vehicles, which is relied upon to be finished in October this year.

An online portal will be set up for requesting these number plates. Natives will likewise have the capacity to plan them on the web and check the normal expenses of their customized manifestations. They can arrange it once they’re happy with the plan and cost everything they have designed.

It has additionally been uncovered that online auctions will likewise be held for exceptional number plates for expanded transparency, responsibility and user comfort.

With the assistance of the Excise and Taxation bureau of Punjab, the number plates will be partitioned in different classes. They are likewise anticipated that would be smaller in estimate than the present plates.

The classifications of number plates that can be seen are as per the following:

The colored number plates will comprise of two colors – foreground and background. Both arrangement of colors can be changed by a user’s prerequisite.

This will at long last empower users to coordinate the shade of the number plates with the shade of their vehicles.

Cost — Rs. 15,000 for every pair

In case of themed plates different outlines will be given to the clients from the Excise office for it.

With the progression of time, new topics will be presented in light of uncommon occasions, occasions, interests, seasons et cetera.

Cost — Rs. 25,000 for each pair

On top of picking the background and frontal area hues, consumers can likewise pick any sort of alphanumeric succession which will be imprinted on the number plates.

Cost — Rs. 100,000 for every pair

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These customized makings will be issued against the client’s CNIC as opposed to the auto documents, as is right now being done. Individuals will have the capacity to exchange them to another auto without paying any extra charges. These vanity number plates will likewise be presented for bicycles, with an expected cost of Rs. 5,000 for each match.

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