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Flying Cars In Asia: AeroMobil Raises Funding To Make This Happen

AeroMobil, a Slovak flying car manufacturer eyes on Asian market, when the company gets closer to launch their flying cars over the cities. AeroMobil has its flying cars still in development process, they have first tested their flight back in 2014.

The company said, it has raised funding from InfraPartners management, Funding organizations based in London and Bratislava having strong ties with China and Korea. AeroMobil is hoping to utilized funding and IPM’s business connections to jump into the Asian market with its flying cars.

AeroMobil aimed at testing their underdeveloped cars by this year and hoping to deliver the first fleet to their customer by 2020, said CEO Juraj Vaculik in a statement, according to VentureBeat. He further said, “We are poised that engineering and technology we have utilized to ensure that this vehicle will meet the demand for personal air transport”

AeroMobil is just one of the companies who are pursuing their flying car motives, the company is keen to hit the market as early as possible to get the maximum possible outcome. It is developing flying cars with vertical take-off and landing, it would be quite expensive when it will be ready to hit the skies with roughly $1.3 million in price for initial version.

Last April, the company announced to start taking preorders for the first batch of cars, the company is hoping for more investments in China and Korea in order to continue product development and testing. The company envisioned poor infrastructure and bad traffic management in Asian countries one of the biggest drivers for their growth in Asian markets.

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