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See what Amazon Games Studios did with Twitch

Amazon Games Studios

The gaming market can never have enough games. Virtual reality gaming is the popular mode of gaming these days but that does not diminish the good old days of real time gaming. Amazon Games Studios this week showed preview of the first games that it will be integrating with the live-streaming site Twitch. Now, for those who do not know that Amazon bought Twitch in the year 2014 for $1 billion. The move generated questions but it is now very clear in what direction Amazon wants to head with it.

Amazon Games Studios to launch integrated real time gaming

TechCrunch reported that the games previewed this week would run on Lumberyard. Lumberyard is the game engine that they debuted this year in the market powered by Amazon Web services. Amazon made this news public at the TwitchCon conference.

This integration will give users the ability to stream their broadcasts in real-time, overlain with stats, other can be sent invite to join matches and even allows viewers to wager points redeemable for in-game rewards.

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At the TwitchCon the attendees saw the game called Breakaway which seemed pretty cool. It is a 4v4 mythological sport brawler that is built for fast action, live streaming and team work. This is the first even game to launch on Lumberyard platform. The game revolved around battles of control across locations like El Dorado, Atlantis and Styx.

A feature in Twitch called Metastream lets player customize their broadcasts with real time stat overlay. The broadcasters can use any web authoring tool to custom create HTML5 pages which control information, layout and behavior of the overlay that they use. Broadcaster Match Builder lets users invite fans to see their matches. Spotlight broadcast tells them when they are in a match being broadcasted . It also allows them to follow broadcasters with just a click.

These integrations sounds pretty amazing coupled with real-time broadcasting. Breakaway also has sick graphics.

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