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Shorts are added to the Play Store via The Google Play Report

Reportedly, Google is going to introduce a new feature to the Google Play Store. The new feature is said to improve the user experience on the Play Store. 9To5Google reports that users will soon begin to view Shorts on the Play Store thanks to The Play Report feature.

The Play Report will showcase different videos on the platform. The feature will be available on the front page of the Play Store. On the top of the UI, the videos will appear in the form of a horizontal scrolling feed. They will include content from “Expert voices,” referred to as Googlers and YouTube creators.

The Google Play Report will bring shorts to the Play Store

Unsurprisingly, these videos will be simply YouTube Shorts inserted into the Play Store. It makes sense because embedding videos rather than creating a custom video player should be simpler. These are shorts, so they are also available on YouTube.

Now the question arises: What type of content will be covered by these videos? Apparently, YouTube contacted several creators to make the videos. The creators will share their thoughts and suggestions about their recommended apps. In simple words, these videos will inform users why they should use the recommended apps. These were the artists included in the trailer. Perhaps more creators will join the list over time.

When it comes to the apps that will be advertised, the focus and target won’t be just the new apps. Since a video features the app Pokemon Go, which has been around for the last 7 years. In short, these videos will feature new and old apps, bring hidden apps into the limelight, and more. This is quite a nice approach to introducing apps to the Play Store.

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