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The Google Play Movies & TV app for Android TV is being discontinued

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Recently, Google has begun notifying Android TV users about the closure of its app. Notably, the company is sending email notifications to users that announce that the Google Play Movies and TV app is going away. Well, this is not surprising at all.

A few months ago, the tech giant Google shared that a new Shop tab would replace the app. However, the company didn’t mention the timeline. Notably, the Shop tab will show a list of movies and TV shows that could be rented by users. it is basically the same function performed by the Google Play Movies & TV app. For this reason, two features with the same function are useless.

The company is discontinuing the old app. Users will now have access to the Shop tab, where they can find movies and TV content. They can either buy the content or rent it. The Shop tab is already accessible, and it appears more in line with Google’s ideal visual design for the platform.

The Google Play Movies & TV app is going away next month

According to Google, the Play Movies & TV app won’t be available until next month. It will be discontinued on October 5. Well, it will be one day after Google released the upcoming Google Pixel 8 series on October 4. Do note that the app will no longer be accessible but the functionality will remain intact with the Shop tab.

In addition to buying or renting new content, previously accessed content can also be found under the Shop tab. Therefore, nothing that you have paid for is lost. The only significant difference is that you won’t be able to launch a specific app on Android TV where all of that content used to be placed.

The new Shop tab is available to both Android and iOS users in the Google TV apps. The company is officially removing the app completely. Do note that the app has been removed from mobile devices already. With the removal of the Android TV version, the app will be completely discontinued.

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