Sindh Government to install tracking devices on all Motorcycles

In order to control the crime rate in Sindh, the government is thinking to install a tracking device on all motorcycles in the province.

The aim is to at least control small crimes and thefts in Karachi. Many of the major terrorist attacks in the past occurred from implanted devices. SP CID Chaudhry Aslam died in a suicide bomb attack. Moreover, if a terrorist is targeting a highly secured location, it won’t be easy for him to switch from a bike to a car.

Now the question is that though the government is thinking to launch this tracking device system, how this device will be installed on the millions of bikes already on roads. It can be installed in new bikes but what about the old ones. Also, how will it be ensured that the trackers remain installed and are not taken off via some mechanism?

Practically speaking, installing a tracking device will not be easy even on the newly manufactured bikes. Bikes are manufactured and assembled in various factories in the interior Sindh. Implementing the installation of this device on all bike models and varieties will be a difficult task. So from where we look, theoretically speaking a tracking device is a great idea but practically speaking it’s a useless plan. The idea has too many loopholes, if the Sindh government is able to overcome the gaps in the proposed plan, it will be a great achievement. At the same time, they need to devise better strategies to control the ever-increasing crime rate in Karachi.

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