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Skunk lock is what you need for protection

Skunk lock

Bicycles are a popular eco friendly mode of transportation. Bicycles are convenient, safe and do not pollute the environment. However, people steal bicycles all the time. Bike locks are used to protect against bicycle thieves but they are not sufficient enough to deter thieves who have sophisticated lock picking equipment. Daniel Idzkowski is an inventor and entrepreneur who is one of the co-creators of a bike lock that will make thieves puke, literally. The Skunk lock is a very innovative security device that will deter even the most motivated of thieves.

Skunk lock will protect your bike and make the thief puke

The Skunk lock is a medium carbon steel U lock that is hardened which makes it one of the strongest U-locks in the market. But, there is more to it than just hardness. The inside of the lock is pressurized with a noxious chemical deterrent that would cling to thief. The chemicals are inanely very disgusting and will induce vomit in the majority of the cases. Maybe an illicit response would be to run away from the place.


If anyone attempts to cut the lock it will instantaneously emit a sick chemical which is called “formula D-I’ which will make the stealer disgusted and nauseous. The company boasts it as an economic implication for the thief. The Skunk lock creators are appealing for funds on Indiegogo so anyone who pledges $99 to their product will receive their lock by June 2017.

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The compound used in the lock can induce absolute vomit in 99% of the cases. At five feet it was still very noticeable. The initial reaction is to move away from the site as far as possible. At 10ft the smell of the compound is still very much detectable and unpleasant.

Image via SkyMag