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Tips on how to make your blog a hit

make your blog a hit

The blogging industry can feel intimidating at first. It is because there are a lot of competitors in the market. Secondly, building a blog isn’t done overnight and requires a lot of patience. Patience and dedication go hand in hand when starting out a blog and maintaining the blog. The main thing that will get your blog out in the market is “the right audience”. When you’re starting out a blog be sure to write with an audience in mind and focus your content on them. Remember that you cannot please everyone on the internet so try focusing on the people your content can really resonate with. To make your blog a hit among the users these common strategies can be implemented to surely get positive results.

This piece will discuss how to make your blog a hit on the internet

In order to make your blog a hit on the internet and among the blogging community the first thing is you know your blogs purpose. If you’re going to blog abut makeup then it is better to stick to makeup. If you’re into talking about the latest tech innovations then it’s better if you stick to it. You can make multiple blogs showcasing your varying interests but do not clutter a single blog with all sorts of stuff.

Keep social media in mind when you’re trying to make your blog a hit among the audience. Be sure to put in share widgets right beside every post. Share widgets make it easier for readers to share content with their followers. In today’s world everyone is a broadcast opportunity that can reach out to more people. The more easy you make sharing your content on the internet the likely it is that people will share your content.

Always make sure your content is SEO friendly. Search engine optimization is a bit hard to figure out but there are a lot of posts on it in one of our categories. They will help you walk down SEO strategies and how to implement it for the best results on search engines. Identifying the useful keywords and using it to your benefit will boost up your blogs presence in the search engine. One tip is making sure your blog title is below 120 characters, so that sharing it on social media platforms would be easier.

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The strongest variable on Google ranking will help you determine what is in trends and can get maximum audience to read your blog. The more useful and relevant your content is the more chances it has of making it to the top of the search list. For example if you’re running a makeup blog then focusing your keyword on brands will garner more attention.

Your tone is your primary attraction

One thing to keep in mind is your blogging tone. Do not make your content sound like a press release but do not make it more informal as well. Keep a neutral friendly tone that invites discussion and feedback. For example if you’re doing product reviews then it is necessary to style your content user friendly. Be sure to have an engaging tone but do not compromise on the SEO. It is a bit tough finding the grey area. But after a little practice and mistakes things will eventually smooth out.

Discuss and be an active part of it. It is necessary to engage with other players in the market and reply to your audience in the comment sections. Do not be lazy about it because good customer service means loyal customers. Discuss what intrigues you and encourage your readers to comment. Leave comment on other peoples work. Let the world acknowledge you but first show them that you’re present out there in the digital sphere. Start a debate or incite a controversy. The first rule of marketing is that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Every publicity is good publicity.

Link love. Now for many of you who do not know this because you’re new to blogging. But, link love is your chance of getting known by other people in the market. You basically approach other bloggers in the same niche and then request for link love. Link love is when they’ll mention your blog in their post or discuss it with their followers that way you can have traffic and quality backlinks. You can also approach other bloggers in the niche for featured posts. Featured posts help in drawing in more traffic and create a friendly vibe to your overall aura.

Link love ensures more traffic and quality backlinks

For example, a fashion blogger who I had recently worked with did a collaborative series with other fashion bloggers in the field. She did interviews of them and asked them specific sets of questions. The interviews were later posted on her blog and shared by the featured blogger as well. This link love created a nice traffic for both of them. Collaboration helps in reaching out to other segment in the market which helps in building your individual fan base.

Get yourself to post regularly. People mostly read blogs during their lunch times or in the evening so it’s better to have time frames where you post. Suppose you post every other day of the week around 1 pm and regular readers are hooked. They will stop by regardless everyday to read your posts and comment. This is awesome for maintaining a loyal fan base. It requires commitment but is likely to create more awareness of your blog. Irregular posting can lose a lot of followers but specific times and days can bring in more traffic. Like I have mentioned before that starting a blog is easy work but sustaining it is hard work that requires commitment.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or want to make sure your blog is a hit then these are some helpful tips to get you started. Not every tip works out for everyone but some of the most common tips are applicable to any sort of blog.

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