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SmartBall Technology With Built-in Chips and Batteries Revealed at Lord’s

A new SmartBall technology has been developed by the biggest sports brand in Australia, Kookaburra in partnership with tech innovators SportCor. This SmartBall can monitor the swing of the ball, swing, seam, movement, speed and other important metrics ensuring key analytics for the cricketers.

This new technology was revealed at Home of Cricket, Lord’s before the second Ashes Test between England and Australia.

The SmartBall is equipped with microchips inside, Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries. Various metrics are measured by the ball displaying real-time data for the balls bowled.

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Michael Kasprowicz, the former Aussie fast bowler considers this new technology an opportunity to develop sports science at the highest level. The coaching staff can use this for kids cricket, First Class, club cricket and beyond.

He said, “You’re actually seeing your outcome from the other end, getting feedback as far as the revolutions and pace, in these two data particular streams. The third one is broadcast. We’ll get more engagement from fans.”

Adding. “The fans have never been closer to the action in the middle. We’ll bring them closer.”

England wicket-keeper batsman, Jos Buttler said, “Technology in sports is a  great way to enhance the game for the viewer. You can get those real numbers straight away and you know exactly what’s happening, so as a coaching tool, it’s fantastic.”

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