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Smartphone photos Will Beat DSLRs by 2024: Sony

Smartphones will soon outpace DSLRs and single-lens mirrorless cameras when it comes to image quality: at least that’s Sony’s confident prediction. While advances in DSLR are leveling off, major leaps in cell phone sensors are expected to be made in the next two years.

Sony sees SLR and system cameras lose from 2024

Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of image sensors, so when the company announces anything in the field of photography, it weighs heavily. Now Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) and thus also head of the division for Sony’s image sensors, has announced that the point will soon be reached where smartphones take better pictures than most cameras: “We assume that the image The quality of smartphones will surpass that of DSLRs in the coming years,” said Shimizu loudly Nikkei Japan (through techradar) recently in a presentation.

Elsewhere, the head of the semiconductor division is making his prediction a little more specific. With current development, Sony could make smartphone images “look better” with its sensors as early as 2024 than interchangeable-lens cameras (ILCs), also known as mirrorless cameras. For classification: Sony is still one of the largest providers of such camera systems, so it makes a prediction here that will also have a decisive impact on its own business. A DSLR, the group announced its departure last year.

Larger sensors and AI

The biggest drivers for image quality in smartphones are of course the high-end models, which have more and better sensors. Sony expects the size of the main sensors here to double in the coming years. In addition, the pixel structure will also develop quickly. Sony already mentions the specific one here recommended “Two-Layer Transistor Pixel” technology that increases dynamic range and reduces noise. Second lever for the better smartphone. Last but not least, Sony loses itself here in rather vague statements. AI could double the “absorption capacity”, how this should be done is not explained. In line with this, the company also mentions “quantum saturation” as an important factor, but does not elaborate on it.

There are still many good reasons for enthusiasts to want to use a DSLR or mirrorless camera in the coming years: operation, creative control, and last but not least the viewfinder. With the presentation, Sony shows that a very exciting development can be expected in the field of image sensors in the coming years.