Indian Supreme Court Rejected All Appeals to Ban “Padmaavat”

The Supreme Court has rejected the final attempts made by the Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh governments to block the release of the most controversial film of present times “Padmaavat” on the 25th of January 2018. The top court has ordered all the states to abide by the court’s rulings and must not stand in the way of the movie release.

A three-judge bench comprising of Dipak Misra, DY Chandrachud and A M Khanwilkar said that people must understand that the court has passed the verdict, and everyone must comply with it.

Misra mentioned that a few hundred-people coming on streets and protesting the movie launch and demanding the ban is not an acceptable kind of attitude.

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Responding to Tushar Mehta—the solicitor general, the one who attempted to flag the law and order situation as the basis for refraining the release of the film, Misra said that we could suggest and advise to all such individuals to not watch the movie altogether if they do not like it, however, we would not be modifying the court’s order.

An appeal by Akhil Bhartiya Karni Mahasangh was also dismissed by the Supreme court saying that the court is not inclined to changing its order.

The dismissal of this plea hence cleared the stage for the release of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film.

Mehta who appeared for the Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh government persuaded the court to acknowledge the ground situation and the threat to the break of peace. He also admitted that maintaining the law and order situation was the state’s duty.

He also mentioned that the situation could get worse after the release of the film as it could cause trouble in some parts.

Khanwilkar responded that the country should respect the court’s order. The rest of the things should be left on the court and it would deal with it if comes to it.

Earlier this month the censor board asked the filmmakers to change the name of the movie title from “Padmavati” to “Padmaavat”.

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