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Snapchat is introducing an AI chatbot

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ChatGPT has travelled the shortest distance possible. This latest development has made us all admire it, while at the same time we are a bit afraid of what it can do. This latest technology has proven itself free of any other tool support, which makes it a standalone app. Also, it’s providing support for many other AI ventures. With the latest outcome of this technology, Snap is planning to release an AI chatbot that will be supported by ChatGPT.

With its impressive development day by day, we can literally call it the future of the internet world. Most of the companies are introducing AI technology to their platforms. Many companies are aiming to make AI a part of their future improvements. With this latest technology, there is no chance of doubting that.

Snapchat is releasing an AI chatbot

ChatGPT has somehow taken all the limitations of the technological world to the sky. The work that this cutting-edge technology is capable of is limitless.Snapchat has seen its future with this latest technology. As per information from The Verge, Snap’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, has shared his plans for introducing My AI Chatbot on the platform.

So what would you do on Snapchat with an AI chatbot?

Your content production endeavors won’t involve any involvement from my AI. Instead, you will see it highlighted in your interactions. The conversation will be heard over the others. It will be just as simple for you to converse with it as it would be with your friends and relatives.

So, the Snapchat AI chatbot will mimic a different human user. It will be fully equipped, down to its own Avatar. You can message the chatbot and have a somewhat natural discussion with it if your friends aren’t using the app.

You’ll be able to use it for other purposes as well. You will be able to generate your content by asking questions. It will provide all ChatGPT functions through SnapChat as a medium. Although there are some limitations to the watered-down version of SnapChat that will make the limits a bit lower.

You are limited in your ability to request that this software generate content based on sex, violence, or any other harmful content. This is limited as per Snapchat’s safety guidelines. It will also be unable to generate any cheating content for students.

This feature will initially be available to Snapchat+ subscribers and premium app subscribers. Soon it will be available to all other users.