Snapdragon 8cx Plus Performance Score Appears On Geekbench

8cx plus

After information about an improved version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx had leaked last week, the first benchmarks have now emerged. The ARM-based processor could be at the heart of a Microsoft Surface Pro X successor.

Windows Latest discovered performance values ​​for the Qualcomm processor, which may be called Snapdragon 8cx Plus, in the Geekbench database. The tested device is a prototype from Microsoft according to the listed name “OEMSR”. In addition, the entry of the benchmark program for the processor lists eight cores with a maximum clock frequency of 3.15 gigahertz, which corresponds exactly to the details already leaked about the Snapdragon 8cx Plus (SC8180XP).

New Snapdragon for Surface series with little added value

The Geekbench entry certifies the unknown Surface device with 16 gigabytes of RAM a single-core result of 789 points and a multi-core score of 3092 points. These values ​​are only slightly above those that the current Surface Pro X can achieve in Geekbench. 770 points for the single-core test and 3037 points in the multi-core area are typical results for this Windows 10 tablet. Qualcomm’s benchmark tests were most likely and Microsoft carried out to better explore the possibilities of the drilled Snapdragon 8cx.

However, the device will never appear in the exact version tested. Microsoft has at least a special variant of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx manufactured for the Surface Pro X, which as Microsoft SQ1 can boast a higher GPU and CPU clock. A comparable strategy seems likely for the successor of the Pro X, or its new processor, which would also lead to slightly higher performance than the one shown now.

Qualcomm limps after Apple

Based on the current performance assessment for the upcoming Snapdragon 8cx Plus, Microsoft could definitely decide to leave the Surface Pro X unchanged on the market. At least until a more convincing new development is available for the ARM processor class in question. Qualcomm is likely to feel some pressure not only from Microsoft but also from Apple in particular. The first Geekbench results from a Mac with an ARM64 processor of the type A12Z, which is based on an approximately two-year-old design, give it a higher single-core performance than the Snapdragon 8cx Plus can call up. This is despite the fact that software emulations still have to be used for the benchmark under MacOS Big Sur.