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What Software Does VOD Platforms Require?

Suppose you are interested in launching your own service. You want to have your own video streaming platform like Netflix. You want to create a platform with pre-recorded videos that people will be able to access anytime they want. And you are wondering what software or something else you need to do that. In this article, we are going to answer this question.

So, what software do you need to start a VOD service?


You should have an OTT Middleware. It is software that will help you manage all processes on the platform. With it, you can manage subscribers, monetization models, and content and extract analytics data. It also will help define the user interface.

OTT Middleware is the core software of the whole platform. Its functionality depends on the company developing it. But here is the list of functions that you might find valuable:

  • Monetization functionality. Check if the solution is capable of working with SSAI (server-side ad insertion). It is a popular model of generating revenue among video streaming platforms. Many of them leave their content free of charge if they use an ad-based monetization model. Also, if you want to earn money on a subscription or pay-per-view basis, then check if a solution maintains such functionality.
  • OTT analytics. Analytics is essential for every business. With its help, you can understand how people interact with your platform. You will see what videos are popular on the platform and what videos people don’t like. Analytics can show you information about user behavior and content performance. It is essential for further business growth as you can understand what you should enhance on the platform.
  • Customization. The video streaming solution developer should take care of a customization feature. A video streaming business should have an opportunity to use its own colors, fonts, and logos to show people what brand the platform belongs to. It also helps content creators stand out.

If you want to grow your business and cover more markets, you should check if the company can provide you with the following:

OTT applications

If you have only a website with videos available through a browser, your audience will probably use the platform only when they have a laptop or a device that can maintain videos played via browsers. But you can simplify their life by implementing applications into your video streaming business.

Applications will allow people to watch videos on any devices they have: smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Smart TVs. OTT apps also allow viewers to watch movies and shows at any place where the Internet connection is available.

There are more and more people who use one or two devices. It can be a laptop or smartphone. Or a person prefers watching videos in full HD quality on a Smart TV. By implementing OTT apps, you will cover more people and generate more revenue.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

You will need a CDN if you want to cover new locations or even go worldwide. CDN will help deliver videos across the globe, providing a smooth experience to viewers.

CDN will transmit videos quickly even during intense traffic times. People will watch videos with low latencies.

But you should also think about adding subtitles to your videos and localizing content on all pages of the platform.


When launching a VOD service, you will definitely need an OTT Middleware. It is the core of a video streaming platform. But if you want to grow and scale, you should consider implementing applications and CDN into your video streaming business.