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Trending Java Career Opportunities in 2022

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Java is one of the most highly demanded coding languages. Java programming has diverse uses in mobile games, Android apps, and web design and development. To pursue career opportunities centering on this coding language, you should be thorough with it. Java classes at a reputed training institute can help you.

Leading computer institutes like iFuture Technologies excel in offering Java courses in thane. In-depth Java training involves computer classes in all the major areas like SE7 fundamentals, use of loop constructs, creation and use of arrays, Java Methods, Method Overloading, Money, and Java Syntax.

What’s the benefit of learning Java? You can access a variety of promising career opportunities. Here are the trending ones in 2022.

Java Web Developer

It involves a backend position with responsibilities like maintaining the server-side code and deployment. Knowledge of the basics of cloud computing can be helpful for this job role. The average annual salary of Java developers in India is ₹4.2 LPA, a figure released by AmbitionBox.

Android Developer

Today, almost all companies and services have mobile apps. Therefore, the market for Android developers is expected to boom. For this position, you need to be able to build Android apps or add features to them.

Java EE Developer

Here, the responsibility is to build and maintain enterprise applications. Big companies often post this position and look for candidates with some industry experience.

DevOps Engineer

This position requires experienced Java programmers who can manage the environment, and automate and improve the overall structure. They must be developers skilled in deployments and network operations or system admins passionate about scripting and coding.

Solution Architect

A solution architect needs to design services or apps for an organisation. The professional must translate needs created by functional analysts into the architecture and explain the same through design artifacts and architecture. Knowledge of technology stacks like .NET is required besides that of System Design and Data Structures and Algorithms.


An analyst must design or modify IT or business systems. To understand the concerns of subject matter experts and business stakeholders, an analyst must interact with them, collect documents and analyze business requirements.

Full-Stack Java Developer

This position often involves leading web developers who design new sites and update old ones. For this job role, you should have these skills:

  • Detailed understanding of designing frontend frameworks
  • Testing abilities
  • Familiarity with microservices and ability to implement them in apps
  • Knowledge of using different tools including DevOps tools such as AWS, Ansible, and Docker
  • Extensive knowledge of libraries and creating APIs within the written code

As of 2020, there were already a total of 46,000 Java Developer jobs and 86,664 Java Manager jobs in India, as reported by Naukri. Whether you’re interested in these roles or the others mentioned above, consider taking Java classes at a reputed computer institute in thane to maximize your skills.