Sony has sold 40 million PS5 gaming consoles

Eager to get your own PS5 gaming console but concerned about its availability just don’t worry Sony has now the gaming consoles well-stocked for consumers. According to a recent announcement by Sony, the company was able to sell 40 million consoles of its PS5. Sales of PS5 consoles around the world are rising steadily, indicating that Sony now seems to be in a favorable position with regard to PS5 availability.

At the time of launch, the PS5 faced similar problems with availability to the Xbox Series XIS. It was available in limited numbers and users had to wait in order to access it. It didn’t help that the PS5 was released at the height of the pandemic when resale market scalpers were already working nonstop to snag anything and anything valuable. Thank goodness those days are behind us. To make it easier than ever to find a PS5, Sony has been working to resolve supply chain concerns.

Sony’s CEO claims that the PS5 is currently “well-stocked”

Besides the announcement of selling 40 million units, CEO Jim Ryan shared that the PS5 consoles are currently well-stocked. It means that consumers will now have convenient access to gaming consoles. Furthermore, the CEO also shared some metrics regarding the games.

The company claims that around 2,500 PS5 games are now available. The company has introduced some popular gaming titles in the past few months like AAA titles such as Diablo IV, Final Fantasy XVI, and Street Fighter 6. Final Fantasy XVI is one of the best PS5 games.

In addition to this, the company shared an infographic as well. It includes several top PS5 games. All of these were chosen by community voting. The list includes titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, Demon’s Souls, Gran Turismo 7, Stray, Sifu Bugsnax, and more.

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