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Sony is working on a DualSense Pro for the PS5

According to Tom Henderson, a well-known leaker who needs no introduction, Sony is currently working on a Pro version of the DualSense, the PS5 controller. The idea would be to provide an experience similar to that of the Xbox Elite 2, a controller designed for performance and offering extensive customization options.

On Xbox, the most demanding players can invest in an Xbox Elite Series 2, a “Pro” controller displayed at €179.99. For this price, you have access to very extensive customization, with analog sticks with adjustable voltage and new interchangeable shapes of analog sticks and palettes.

Finally you can perform thanks to the shorter trigger wicks and the enveloping rubber grip. On Playstation 5 you have to deal with the DualSense. Sony’s latest controller remains an excellent product, which stands out mainly for its unique capabilities such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. However, if for some reason you don’t like the DualSense, Sony doesn’t offer a “Pro” alternative as Microsoft does. Be careful though, you can turn to SCUF, which offers its own custom DualSense.

Sony wants to launch its DualSense Pro on PS5

However, and according to noted leaker Tom Henderson, things will soon change on the Sony side. According to internal sources Sony is currently working on a Pro variant of the DualSense for the Playstation 5 In response to the codename “Hunt”, this controller would come equipped with removable joysticks, interchangeable grips and paddle triggers on the back.

Tom Henderson indicates the same source sent him photos of the prototypes of this mysterious controller Only it was agreed that he would not publish them. But according to him, the controller would take over the design of the DualSense, with some differences. The greatest change is materialized by the presence of two extra buttons under the two analog sticks.

What are those for? They allow the sticks to be completely removed. In other words, users can switch sticks at will in the event of an issue such as drift or lack of grip, rather than having to buy a new controller. The prototype also includes: rubber grips for a better grip on the controller. Again, these components will be removable. According to Tom Henderson’s source, this “PS5 Pro Controller” could be formalized by Sony very soon Indeed, many insiders claim that Sony plans to unveil several new Playstation devices and accessories at least towards the end.