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PUBG Creators Show “Hyper-Realistic” Virtual People

AIs and other virtual “humans” have always been a problem in recent years, but in the end, it was just a gimmick. Krafton, the company behind the hit battle royale PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, wants to change that with Ana. Krafton, the gaming company once known as Bluehole, is best known for its hit PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), which kick-started the battle royale trend a few years ago.

As a publisher, you are currently preparing for the release of the survival horror title The Callisto Protocol, but you have now also shown that you want more than “just” producing and publishing games. Since Krafton published the first images of “Ana”, according to the South Koreans, this is the first virtual person based on hyperrealism, rigging, and deep learning. According to a press release, Ana aims to engage a global audience and help build the company’s Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Made with the Unreal Engine

Created using the Unreal Engine, Ana aims to blur the lines between a digital character and a real human being. In addition, details should be applied that is barely perceptible, but are important for the degree of reality, such as baby hair and fluff on the skin. Krafton: “Ana looks really different from any other virtual human that currently exists with other technologies.”

The company has only released still images so far, but promises that the realism is especially evident in movement: “The state-of-the-art face rigging technology subtly expresses the movements of the pupil, the fine facial muscles, and the wrinkles. and allows the natural movement of the joints throughout the body. In addition, deep learning technologies such as advanced voice synthesis help create an artificial, intelligent voice for Ana, allowing her to act and sing like a real human being.” It’s not clear exactly what Krafton plans to do with Ana, but the company plans to release more information later in the year, including photos, videos, and even a “unique story.”