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The Last of Us 100% multiplayer component announced on PS5

The saga The Last of Us gets a whole new part. This one will be fully multiplayer and sign an experience unreleased ience for the studio. A first image was presented during the Summer Game Fest, but we will have to wait until next year to have more details.

Last night the Summer Game Fest was held and many games were showcased. There was something for everyone, but the highlight of the show was the saga The Last of Us. A remake of the first opus (called Part I) and a first-ever depiction of the HBO series were revealed. But the Naughty Dog studio has also formalized his next big licensing project.

This new game is set in the universe of The Last of Us but has no name yet. There is actually very little information, but we do know a few interesting things about him. Most important is that it will be a 100% multiplayer title.

The Last of Us is going 100% multiplayer

This new title won’t be a cheap spin-off as Naughty Dog claims it’s as great as any of their single player games. So we can expect something substantial. A first image has been revealed. This is concept art in which we see two over-armed characters evolve in a city in ruins. The most observant will have clearly recognized San Francisco, a region never explored by the saga before. Can we imagine an open world where players can move freely in the city and try to survive the various dangers that The Division already presents?

Released in 2020, The Last of Us Part 2 is a 100% single player game but was originally supposed to include a multiplayer mode which was eventually abandoned. It’s possible that the studio took over the concept for a game on its own. A unique experience for the studio and above all taking risks. Known for his precise experimentation for single player, turning the formula into multiplayer can be risky. Anyway, we will have more details about this mysterious project in 2023.